Why Train with MXT?


Jump-start your training!

With GenX, you get access to our full library of tools and resources to jump-start your strength training right now!


 A supportive Brotherhood!

The step-by-step instructions give you the confidence you need to keep at it, and our online communities provide motivation and support.


Just a click away!

Our online resources are at your fingertips, so you can do this project anywhere that’s convenient for you.

If you train lone wolf style like me, I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a group of like-minded iron brothers who will be there for you to offer you a push encouragement, laugh, or combination of all. That’s exactly what you’ll find inside the GenX Strength Project. Trust me you wont be disappointed.

-Michael Dalton

What MXT Online Offers

Workout Challenges

Follow MXT’s proven workout challenges, and take them anywhere! Our effective “Meta Strength” sessions will fit into the busiest schedules and will have you feeling stronger and more energized after every workout. These are updated and scalable to any fitness level.

Valued at $97.00

Nutrition Bundles

GenX’s nutrition bundles are proven to complement the workout challenges. Armed with our “T-Jacked” plan, you will naturally raise your body’s testosterones levels, without going on an extremely restrictive diet. No more meals of bland chicken & broccoli!

Valued at $300.00

Complete Library Access

Get immediate access to all of GenX’s workouts, cheatsheets, meal and nutritional plans, private workout form videos, how-tos, and our “GenX Tribe” community. These resources give you the full support you need to succeed.

Valued at $100.00

Live Q&A | Coaching Sessions

Join our live Q&A sessions, and speak directly to your coach. Ask any questions concerning your overall wellbeing, workouts, nutrition plan, and your progress. Your coach will take the time not only to answer your questions but also to help you grow as an athlete.

Valued at $50.00

Recovery | Mobility

Built into the GenX courses are crucial recovery and mobility exercises that your coach will personally recommend at any time during your membership. Recovery and mobility exercises are important to achieving a stronger, leaner body.

Valued at $200.00

Direct Access Coaching, Support + Accountability 24/7

Joining this brotherhood grants direct access to a community of fellow GenX members who understand the journey. Get direct coaching, share form checks and PR videos, and receive immediate feedback.

Valued at $250.00

Total Value $997.00

Currently ONLY $47.00/Month


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Limited Time Offer!

For less than the cost of ONE personal training session. An entire month’s worth of content and support for only $47/month

  • Proven Workouts Strategies

    The GenX Strength Project includes 3-4 “Meta Strength” sessions each week, a specific blend of functional based training methods with equipment available or found in any gym (Dumbbells, Kettle-bells, Bodyweight Drills, Barbells, Sandbags, etc.) to give you the BEST results for building solid muscle, and shredding fat!

  • Proven Nutritional Bundles

    The GenX Strength Project not only provides its members with proven workouts but also with a set of rules and principles to follow. When applied, these principles will naturally raise your testosterone levels.

  • A Supportive Brotherhood

    Lastly, joining GenX Strength Project grants all members access to our “GenX Tribe“. This supportive community isn’t just a social media page or group; it’s a BROTHERHOOD of members that have gone through the same journey as you and want to see you succeed!

    Join a brotherhood, not just a fad.


Join a brotherhood, not just a fad

Come join fellow members and me. At GenX Strength we believe in a close community. A place to share your personal records, form checks, and lifting struggles and triumphs.


I have seen a trend in America that irritates the hell out of me - one that has broken Generations of Men down to be lazy, soft, uncaring, and selfish. Strong men are BUILT with integrity, vision, sacrifices, and gratitude. The GenX Strength Project is about improving every area of your life through hard work, dedication, courage, and respect for yourself and others. When you find yourself in front of a challenge that ain't backing down from you and you decide to take it head on - that, Son, is Baptism Under Fire! Men... Step Up and Become the Leaders you were BORN to Be! - Sean Murphy

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